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FRP a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company is the leading manufacturer of fibreglass products. We manufacture for various industry sectors including Architectural, Banking and Transport. Most of our products involve specific design and manufacture as per our customers’ requirements.
FRP is an environmentally conscious, responsible company. We ensure that all aspects of the organisation have a minimum effect on the environment by adopting and implementing environmentally sensitive practices in all of our operations. We have set up a separate business division FRP GREEN to promote sustainable manufacturing of fibreglass products.
ECO-WOLF, INC. USA has developed a process for recycling fibreglass. Fibreglass is a commonly used term for GRP – glass reinforced plastic or FRP - fibre reinforced plastic. FRP GREEN is ECO-WOLF's agent for Australia and New Zealand for:
  • FRP Recycling Equipment                
As of mid 2011, our fibreglass recycling plant from ECO-WOLF is operational at our Auckland factory. The implementation of fibreglass recycling will be the first of its kind in NZ. The impact of this recycling system is:
  • All of our waste will be recycled - eliminating waste to landfill
  • 100% of material is recovered with no harmful by-products or emissions
Unlike many recycled materials that degrade the finished product, the addition of this recycled material actually improves its properties. Properties such as impact and fatigue strength are greater than if solely virgin materials were used.