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FRP Recycling Equipment


A scrap grinder quickly grinds fibreglass scrap to a predetermined fiber length. This way the fibers are left intact. The creation of the fibreglass scrap grinder has solved one of the industry’s major dilemmas into a viable recyclate system. The Scrap Recycling System is environmentally sound and cost effective (ROI of less than 12 months).

"NOT JUST A FILLER" ECO-WOLF, INC’s recycling system grinds scrap with our specially designed machine, without destroying the glass fibers, so it is viable for reuse as reinforcement. Grinders are available to accommodate any size scrap. The reclaimed material can be used in a variety of composite manufacturing processes. The formulations can be varied to meet any fire retardant or other physical property requirements.

The benefits of using ECO-WOLF, INC's fibreglass Waste Recycling System include:

10-25% savings on material costs
Elimination of disposal costs
Reduction of air pollution and usage of fiberglass reinforcements
At least 80% reduction in the need for roll-out labour through the use of our No-Roll™ formulation